Closing the Circle Series, 2010

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Contemporary Watercolors

As an artist I see the joy of moving beyond borders to explore. The idea with my paintings and watercolors is to explore interaction between color and the relationship between form and the unformed.

With irregular, organic shapes, texture – and in the case of the watercolors multiple layers – my idea is to create dynamic and rhythm, life and energy.

With these watercolors I continue to explore the abstract through a different medium.

These watercolors are intuitive abstractions and an improvisation in interactive wet-to-wet watercolor, which expresses the immediate and enjoys the unpredictability.

The involvement of water is primary.

On sodden handmade paper I am layering watercolor close to each other which releases energy and creates form as they follow the natural flow of water.

With this treatment I am able to test the limits and am enjoying the unplanned result.

-Sibylle Szaggars 2010